what kind of tool is this?


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what kind of tool is this?

can any one tell me what kind of tool this is and where I might get one?
My husband describes it as a screwdriver with a "claw" on the tip that opens and holds your screw until you get it screwed in. I have looked everywhere and can't find it.
He used to use one when he worked at Lockheed.
Thanks! Laura
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screw starter

Called a screw starter. Mechanically holds the screw in place 'til you get it started.

Do a google search using screw starter and you'll get a bunch.


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Got one at Sears about 20 years ago (Craftsman), still works fine.
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Go to Sears. I had one of those once upon a time that came with a tool set I bought. Now, if I could just remember who borrowed it.....
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Thanks a heap!!! You all were very quick also!!
Thanks for taking the time to help me find my hubby's birthday request. Now if only he can keep up with it once he gets it!
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The best ones I've ever seen are from "Witte", in the USA they come from Anglo American Enterprises in (?Somerdale?) New Jersey. IIRC all Graybar Electric distributing and Grainger have access to them. They are a bit different in that the have a positive locking sleeve that wraps around the entire head of the screw.
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I had one once a long time ago and for some reason I didn't like it. One trick is to tape the screw to the screwdriver blade with masking tape. This should hold it until the screw is started.
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i have bought a good pair from snap on
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I have one haven't used it since the last time I put in a set of points and condensor.I prefer a magnetic screwdriver with interchangable bits if needed.
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holding that screw

if mag. is not an option then you may use a little plumbers putty on the tip of the screw driver. works well in some situations

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