distributer or timing chain?


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distributer or timing chain?

I purchased a 1984 Pontiac Parisienne with a 5L/305 Chevy V8. It ran rough. I put new fuel and gas additive, replaced fuel filter,cleaned/regapped plugs. Started but still ran rough. Then it wouldnt start again. Checked coil:tested okay. Checked for spark on # 1...spark visible, but yellow colored (thought it was supposed to be blue) and slow, as if it was only firing every other distributer rotation. First thought was timing gear/chain problem, but after the spark check I'm not sure. Any suggestions on how to isolate this?
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Remove the cap and rotor to make sure they aren't burnt.How did you test the coil?When checking for spark and quality of spark you need an HEI spark tester for this car and you need to check more than 1 wire.What if #1 is the only wire that has spark?Cleaning plugs is not really a good practice if they were carbon fouled or flooded with gas they are pretty much junk anyhow.When you look down the carb and pump the throttle do you see 2 streams of gas shooting out from the accelerator pump.Charge the battery to full capacity before you do another spark test.Weak battery equals weak spark.
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Thanks Dave, for the quick reply. I'll let you know how it goes
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Just a thought

I used to do this if you have a timing light hook it up to each plug wire one at a time see if it triggers the light and watch for any missing.

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