Ford Fiesta Disc Brake Pads


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Ford Fiesta Disc Brake Pads

I would like to fit new pads, but unlike my Volvo, the Ford has fixed brake calipers which must be completely disconnected.

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Pads usually are changed by removing 2 pins from the caliper or by removing 2 bolts to remove the caliper.I haven't seen a Ford Fiesta in song long I don't recall which you have.I hope this helps you some.Being you are from the UK the model you have may not even be the model we have here.
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Ford Fiesta Brake Pads

Thank you so much for replying.

Actually, you have helped already. The caliper is secured with two bolts fixed to the inside of the disc.

It sounds very similar to what you describe.

My problem seemed to be that the hydraulic pipe connected to the piston mount was a solid pipe and hard fixed. If I disconnect the two bolts securing the caliper it will then be suspended only by the hydraulic pipe which seems inflexible????

I am still in doubt about this. Perhaps you recognise the set-up.

Any help appreciated.
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Are you changing the front or the rear pads? If your changing the front, there HAS to be a flex hose there, otherwise you couldn't steer the car. Even if there is a short rigid line, it should be anchored by a bracket and then connected to a flex hose that can be removed with the caliper.
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That does make sense of course.

Perhaps I didn't check it out properly, but I will.

It is midnight here so that will have to be tomorrow,

many thanks for your help.



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