powdercoating water pumps


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Talking powdercoating water pumps

How much heat will the bearings,seals and gaskets tolerate before damage? Will 500 degrees for 20 minutes damage the water pump? Would like to powdercoat mine. Thanks!
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I wouldn't subject anything rubber to 500 degrees temp.I would suggest just painting it.Done properly it should last quite a while.
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I have used a 2 part epoxy paint called Hobby Poxy from a hobby shop. It gives a nice wet look when dry. It can be brushed or sprayed, but DO NOT inhale the fumes. I used to use it on the frames of our road race go karts. It was the best paint I found to resist sand & gravel chips at over 100 mph.
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I wonder how you plan to mask off the areas where you don't want the powder. Since the powder carries a charge, it will be attracted to the shaft, vanes, mating sufaces, etc. When the powder melts in the curing oven, comes out and cools, you will probably have a solid, non rotating pump. If the heat of the oven doesn't "kill" the pump, the coating probably will. Wet paint is your safest option.
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Thanks to all that have responded to my powdercoating a water pump. Painting it is!
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I've never taken a water pump apart, only exchanged them for new ones. But aren't the seals and bearings pressed in? If you really wanted to powder coat them because you're working on a show car or something, you could perhaps press these parts out, have the water pump body powder coated, then press the parts back in.
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Good thought! Will check to see if there is a rebuider in this area. Thanks.
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Hobby poxy

Car Nut: EPA took Hobby Poxy off the market years ago. I used to use it on model R/C aircraft.


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