Mazda 929 Cam Seal Replacement


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Mazda 929 Cam Seal Replacement

Car is a 1989 Mazda 929, RWD, Engine faces north just like god intended. I need to replace the rear cam seals on the engine. They are a flatish, one piece setup I think and fit on the rear of the head. I will be taking off the valve covers and maybe the air chamber.
How do you remove and install these seals? Will they go in place with finger pressure or do I have to try and rig something to press them in? Removing the heads is not an option. The shop manual doesn't go into even an iota of detail, probably since it's such a common task.

Thanks for any advise.
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camshaft seals

All I've seen have to be tapped (and I do mean tapped) in. There are special tools for this, but a properly sized socket will do as well. Be careful taking out the old ones. You need to pry them out (preferably with a hook tool) gently being careful not to damage the camshaft.

The only problem I can imagine is not having enough room to work in the area. Don't recall ever working a 929, so I don't know about possible clearance problems.

If you've got a local machine shop close by, you might want to see if they have a 929 head in stock that you can look at it to get an idea.



BTW, did that website I posted work out for parts?
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Web site worked great! getting the seals from them. I was able to fix my basic problem, which was a frozen idler pivot point. So far I haven't spent much getting it running again. Fired up the engine for the first time since October; but since the radiator's not installed I couldn's actually run it for long. I gotta be one sick puppy screwing around with such an old beast. It's a nice though, and for short bucks I'll have my summer car back. I've got 5 cars, this is the olny one with A/C :-) Thanks for your help. Onwards to the seals!

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