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Question Automobile Paint

I am in the market for a new car, and I have notices that some cars have their paint weathered and peeling after just a few years. I am wondering if there is any particular color or range of colors that are more weather-resistant than some others?
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Go with white easy to match and seems to last but GM had a problem with it flying off but that is a GM defect.White stays cool in the summer because it reflects heat.Yep I would say white.Red fades as well as silver.
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Rust look horrible on white cars , Why not choose a darker color that will blend with the rust when the time comes.
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Just for the record Gm didn't have any white paint falling off that I'm aware of and if they did it would not haave been their defect because they don't make paint.Paint on most cars comes from just a few companies.If paint peels after just a couple years a bonding problem exits in the paint or the preperation before painting.
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stick with a metallic paint
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I had a 89 chevy pickup and the white paint was coming of in sheets.I am not the only one I see them all over the place.My daughter has a 96 Chevy sub and the white paint is peeling on it.
Also a girl at work has a Corsica same deal.They had problems with paint maybe it was because they used the wrong primer but who cares it was still a problem.
They knew that the primer was a problem.Why does it take them so long to fix it?
The water base primer was the cause but the consumer got the shaft bottom line.
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I know what you are talking about I've seen the same problem on Fords,Chryslers,Mazdas etc and the color isn't always white.Thiggy asked if a certain color weathered better than another and I guess the answer would be yes any color but red,because sun bleaches red to show a whitish cast to it.The reason the problem seems to be more GM is because they sell the most cars.I wiil also bet other auto manufacturers used the same primer,GM does not make paint of any kind it is supplied by vendors.The same as any other car maker.
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I know red oxidizes, but if its base coat/clear coat it will hold up just fine. It will not suffer from that whitish cast.
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i know i've seen plenty of late 80's, early 90's chrysler products with flaking white and blue paint. i think it had something to do with the primer too.

one other overlooked thing. when i bought my car, it had perfect black paint(a 93). after a year or two, it has two white stripes(a foot wide) along the roof and the rear decklid and spoiler are all faded (white). if i follow the path of the washer fluid, guess what it matches perfectly. there are also little faded puddle areas near the wiper pivots too.

now i only use the washer when absolutely needed and i mix it 50/50 with water when it's above freezing.

live and learn

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