starter problem


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starter problem

I have a 71 chevy with 350ci. Today the starter was acting slow & weak so I pulled it off & had it bench tested, it was ok.( turned out to be a batt. problem). My problem is when i put the starter back on. It starts but will not shut off. The key is off-out of the ing. & it still runs. you have to disconnect the batt. cable to kill it. Could I have gotten the silenoid<sp> wires crossed? There is a R post & a S post on it. Thanks, Mike
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Sounds like that could very well be the problem. switch it to the other post and see.
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mike from nj
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i think it should be hooked up to the 's' terminal.

are you saying the engine stays running or the starter?

what i have seen is sometimes people will tighten the little wire(on the starter) and as the nut tightens, it turns the wire and contacts the big fat wire, which is direct battery feed, and keeps the starter running. you would know this as soon as you hooked up the battery cable(it would crank)

if the engine stays running, i don't know what to say, but somewhere there is voltage backfeeding to the coil positive, or the ignition switch is far out of adjustment or stuck on.

let us know
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Sounds like your feeding that "R" wire with power. Maybe you have it pinched by one of the battery wires?

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