1990 Chevy Astro problems


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1990 Chevy Astro problems

I have a Chevy Astro when its being driven and gets warm feels like its dragging at different speeds. Have done a tune up, replaced speed sensor, and the O2 sensor. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? The service engine soon light doesnt stay on.
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You said that the SES light doesn't stay on... I take that to mean that it comes on periodically. If this is the case, what is the DTC?

Poor engine performance could be due to a faulty injector, EGR valve, restricted exhaust, restricted fuel filter, faulty fuel pump, incorrect ignition timing or any number of other things. I have seen several vehicles with bad EGR valves not even start... and they have mainly been the GM 4.3 V-6's.

Please give us some more info on this problem.
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SES does come on and goes out at start up, but doesnt come while driving it. It does have the 4.3 v6 engine. I have put it on a code reader, it comes back with the system pass code.
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That's the bulb check routine and is normal... what is your fuel pressure during these conditions, and when was the last time you replaced your fuel filter?

Also, what did you replace when you did the tune-up?
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the spark plugs, wires, rotor cap, distributor, air filter. dont have the equipment to check for the fuel pressure. is there any way to check it if so could you tell me how? the van was bought from a friend of my wifes. i dont think they ever had anything replaced on it. some of it looks either to be original parts, or very dirty seized ones. Will try the fuel filter replacement and the pvc valve and let ya know

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Originally posted by jnicholass
dont have the equipment to check for the fuel pressure. is there any way to check it if so could you tell me how?
A fuel pressure gauge is the only way. You need more than JUST fuel pressure, it has to be within spec. Too much or too little will be a problem.
You didn't mention anything about mileage or history. A plugged catlyitic converter could also be a possibility, especially if it has ever had a headgasket problem in the past.
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it has 132k. dont know much about the history of the van since it was bought used privately.
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astro fuel pressure

Desi's right. You need to get a fuel pressure gauge (you can usuallly rent them at AutoZone or other parts stores) and check the fuel pressure under driving conditions to see what's going on.

This system operates between 9-13 PSI so you don't have a lot of "wiggle" room here. It could be a bad fuel pump given the mileage and unknown history of the maintenance. It's not a very difficult job (involves dropping the fuel tank), but you want to make sure that's what the problem really is.



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