voyager fuel low light & bell


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voyager low fuel: light & bell

Plymouth Voyager 97

My fuel guage needle will often drop unrelated to the fuel in the tank, the bell will sound and the light indicating a need for fuel will come on. I understand that the gas tank will have to be removed and the mechanism which includes the float will have to be replaced. Est. $510.

I can live with the light and the falling needle, but does anyone know how to disconnect the bell or know of an inexpensive fix of the problem? Thanks.

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mike from nj
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i'd be very disappointed if a dealer told you it was that much money. the one i work in charges $80-90 for the sender unit, and between $125-$170 for the labor depending on how much fuel is in the tank. there's two bolts, the tank is lowered slightly(6 inches) and the pump module is removed that way. the sender unit (sensor) is replaced separately from the entire module. the tank stays in the car the whole time. if it's full of gas, it takes forever to pump it out. if it's less than 1/4 full, it's considered an easy job.

i believe the chimes are internal to one of the computers, namely the BCM, there is no way to disconnect that short of major surgery and a soldering iron. it's easier to just fix the car.

and i thought the cost of living was high here! ($510)

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