2001 Merc Grand Marquis with burning smell


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2001 Merc Grand Marquis with burning smell

Ok, fixed the idle control problem. Now problem number 2 pops to the top of the heap.

2001 Merc Grand Marquis w/dual exhaust, 4.6L EFI engine
49K miles, all required mantenance done on schedule (oil every 3K miles)
Orig plugs, have not changed them yet.

When car is warmed up (4 bars on temp guage), and standing still idling at stop light or in stop and go traffic, there is a burning rubber smell from the heater. If I switch to vents, still there while warm air blowing. If I force A/C on, smell is gone.

As soon as the car begins to move, the smell is gone. Only seems to happen while stopped and idling and warmed up.

Also, the odor is present in the engine compartment on the passenger side. Have to pop the hood and lean down toward that side of the engine to catch a whiff, but it is there.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like you may have an oil or coolant leak dropping on to the exhaust pipe. The heater control valve is right in that area and could explain why it changes with heat on or off. Just look for stains on the engine or exhaust pipe.
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Thanks, I will take a look.

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