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Re:eractic speedometer

Hi! Can anyone please tell me how to go about repairing my speedometer in my Dodge Spirit 1993? I hit some ice under my car and since then, it works initially when I start driving but then falls to 0 and stays there. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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speedo cable

They usually aren't repairable, you just replace them.

The worst part is getting behind the speedo head on the dash to disconnect it. You either need REAL SMALL SKINNY arms and/or hands or you have to remove the instrument cluster and reach around the back side. The part on the trans is easy.

That being said: If funds are short, you might try disconnecting the speedo head side and spraying some lubricant in it so it can run down the cable. It may or may not come back to life. Better to just replace it.


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mike from nj
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93 had no cable, just a speed sensor on the extension housing of the trans. if it has a certain (4 speed trans) it might not even have that, the signal is combined with the output sensor.

you might have skinned or pinched or likely stretched a wire on the sensor so it's barely touching the terminal. i can't picture ice chunks getting up in there though, it would have to have been pretty big stuff to do this. did you drive on ice, spinning tires and then making it to dry pavement, this does different damage.

what engine and trans do you have? i'll tell you where to look.

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