bucking and stalling beretta


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bucking and stalling beretta

i have a 91 beretta gt that runs ok when it is started but after the motor warms up it bucks and trys to choke off when you slow down to a stop it wont sit and idle with the transmission in drive or reverse
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You need to get some basic diagnostic checks such as fuel pressure and ignition done to see where you're at.

What kind of preventative maintenance has the car had? Has it had plugs, fuel filter, air filter, plug wires, etc replaced recently?

If you don't have a fuel pressure gauge handy, you can rent one from a place like AutoZone. It installs easily and then you can drive the car with it attached (duct tape to left side of windshield near "A" pillar) and note the pressure when the problem occurs. You'll also need to check "rest" pressure, key "on", engine "off" and see if the pump builds and holds pressure.

Start there and report back with the results (pressure readings) and we'll guide you through it.

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Does it feel like a standard shift car that when you slow down or stop you forgot to put the clutch in?

Possibly torque covertor clutch sticking issue, common on these years.

Their is a square connector on the top of the trans that you can disconnect the Torque convertor soleniod that will stop it from locking. Try it and see what it nets, it won't cause any harm just lose about a 1-2 mpg with no lock-up.
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thanx for the suggestions but i saw another thread with similar problem and they said to check the tcc silonoid and i did. that is deenitely the problem

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