Gearshift stuck low gears


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Gearshift stuck low gears

The transmission on my 1995 Chevy G van was not downshifting when I stopped the vehicle, and would start off in high gear when I would go. Then the shifter became stuck. Now I can't put the shifter in Park, Neutral, Reverse or Drive/ Overdrive, only Drive 1,2,3. I can start the vehicle only because I have a remote starter, and for some reason it doesnt need to be in neutral. When driving I can manually shift through Drive 1,2&3. The transmission fluid level is ok, and it does not have any odor and is pinkish in color. Since i bought this van used, I don't know if there was ever any transmission filter changes, or fluid flushes. The van has 94000 miles. Does this sound like a major repair or is this something I might be able to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dan
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Try disconnecting the linkage at the trans and see if the shifter moves now.If it does the problem is in the trans if it doesn't it's either the linkage binding or something in the column.Is the roll pin that holds the shifter in the column still in place?
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Thanks Davo for your help. The snow finally melted in Michigan, so I was able to get under the van and check out what you suggested. After disconnecting the linkage at the transmission, I was able to shift the trans through all the gears, but the gearshift was still stuck through D1,2, and 3. I'm not sure what pin you referred to in your reply, but the pin that connects the shifter handle to the steering column housing is OK. Is there anything else I can check out? A friend suggested I rent a diagnostic plug to get a code to see if it's something electrical, such as a transmission control module. Hopefully we have eliminated the transmission being the problem. I'm open to any ideas. Thanks, Dan
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linkage problem

Definitely sounds like a mechanical linkage problem between the shift lever and the transmission.

Vans are a B**** to work on. If you can get into the column section by section you might be able to isolate it.

Other than that, you might have to get an entire column assembly from a salvage yard and replace it as an entire unit.

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Thanks for the reply, Matt
It may be time to take it to the dealership. Replacing the steering column is probably beyond my abilities. Thanks,Dan

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