oil pressure problems


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Question oil pressure problems

I have a 88 dodge dakota sport 3.9 liter v-6 2wd with a 175,000 miles on it and stills runs good but about 2 weeks ago i changed the vavle cover gaskets put it back together checked for leaks oil presure come up fine until it got warmed up then it started falling so i changed the oil and filter made sure filter was tight cranked it up presure went back up fine until it got warm agian it started to fall drove the truck oil presure would not go up any but it still was just barley in the normal range when i came to a stop the oil presure dropped to low and the light came on start going again the presure go's up barley the light goes off chaged the oil pump still the same thing even changed the oil agian but i can wait a couple hours crank it agian oil presure goes up just fine it could be the gauge but it was working fine until i changed the vavle cover gaskets .....thanks for the help
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Did you happen to let the pieces of the old gasket fall down the return drains? The fact that the problem only showed up after that repair could mean some trash is blocking the pick up screen. the first thing you need to do is confirn the actual pressure with a manual gauge. If indeed it is low, dropping the oil pan may be the next step since you've already changed the pump.
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if it's the same before and after the oil pump replacement, provided the screen and bottom of the pan are spotless, the problem might not be down there. before i replaced another part, i would have a mechanical gauge and hose installed in the sender unit hole(next to the distributor).

this will tell you if you have a used up engine or just a weak sender unit. i'm not positive, but i think the light comes on at 4 or 8 psi, not really sure, but i know it's low like that.

have you tried thicker oil, like 20w-50, it will keep the light off for a while if you truely have low oil pressure(and worn out parts).

let us know

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