rebuild a ford 8" rear


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Question rebuild a ford 8" rear

This is a great site. You all were able to help me once before.
I am going to be rebuilding my Ford 1965 8" rear and was looking for suggestions on where to find instructions on how to do this.
I am changing the ratio so I have a Ring gear and a Pinion to install as well as a new bearing kit.... whatever that entails.
This is what I call a "chuck" style rear (loads from the front).
This is NOT a Posi traction rear.


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Unless you possess the skills and experience to rebuild a diff its better left to a pro.

Very few proffessional techs have the skill. I'm in a shop were 3 out 18 could.
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Thanks for the words of caution. I have yet to find something on my 65 Ford that I can't repair or replace. I feel pretty confident.
Any help on where to find "HOW TO" info is still needed from the list.

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Your best source of info would be the OEM manuel. What kind of '65 Ford is it?

Setting up a rear can't all be learned from a book, experience plays a hugh part in this. All the confidence in the world is not a substitute for experience.
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at the absolute minimum, you will need a dial indicator, a big torque wrench, a hydraulic press and many odd tools and adapters to hold the bearings as you press them apart in the press. it can be done, but you risk the potential to do a lot more damage than good.

maybe pull the center diff assembly out and find a good mustang shop or a performance shop that has those specialty tools and can do the job correctly for you. this rear is similiar to the 9" rear and those tools might just work for this one.

without the 'factory' service manual, you're as good as blind on this job.
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the car is a 65 Merc. Comet V8 289. I have a shop manual for the 64 Comet & Falcon.

I have a good local machine shop with all the tools: dial indicators, gauge pins, depth micrometers etc. A local auto parts store does engine rebuilds but not rear ends. They have the ability to press bearings and are willing. I will continue to look for a rebuild shop with rear end experience.

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While this is going to sound like a lot of money, it is not, in the grand scheme of things.

I have a 72 maverick, and am in the process of dropping in a High output late model 5.0 roller motor. It has the stock 8 inch rear still.

Currie enterprises quoted me $857 for the entire third member with possi and 3.55 gears.

You won't have to mess around with anything, and it simply bolts right in. Perfect if you are running some good power through that comet.

While I have never rebuilt a rear before, everyone agrees that the ol' 8 inch fords are simple compared to the later model 8.8 inch rears.

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