Brakes on Mercedes


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Brakes on Mercedes

Anyone know how much brakes might cost for a 97 c280? I'm thinking pads only right now. I have done my own on my old t-bird. I was thinking of trying on on the Benz....because the answer I know is coming is "a lot." I was just looking for ball park or "don't try it it's not the same as ford" kind of advice.
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according to alldata...

...list price on the pads is 62 bucks but i'm sure you can buy aftermarket replacements for less...just be sure to ask for good pads and DON'T go with bargain stuff. as for the labor...looks to me like dropping in a set of pads is pretty easy. the problem with this procedure is that if the profile of the rotor, being that it is worn, is NOT flat...your new pads will be flat and so you reduce the contact area between the pad and rotor...this will make the brakes much less effective. if you are mechanically inclined and can remove the rotors yourself, take them to a machine shop and have them turned...also make sure that they measure the thickness...there is a minimum. also be sure to be as clean as possible and lubricate whatever parts that slide between the caliper and spindle...the caliper needs to be able to slide back and forth...unless it has two pistons. torque all fasteners and by all means torque your lug nuts or you'll have brake pulsation very soon. good luck...
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Most mercedes rotors are "throw aways" and not resurfacable. They are very soft and show extreme wear after one set of pads. They are designed that way for better braking and noise suppression. They need to be changed with every brake job on that vehicle. They also should be OE (or at least german aftermarket) because the cheap knock offs are harder and cause numerous noises. If you go cheap, youir just going to have to do it all over again. If you can afford a Mercedes, you can afford to do the brakes right.

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