check engine light 1992 Galant


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check engine light 1992 Galant

How do I get the diagnostic codes for a 1992 Galant. Autozone says they cannot diagnose any auto before 1996.
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mike from nj
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they can't diagonse anything after 96 either!

i believe you need an old 'analog' type voltmeter, you need to hook it up to two wires in the diagnostic connector and count 'sweeps' of the meter, that tells you what the code is. it's crude, but that's the way it always was. our dealer tool (for the old colts and such) was nothing more than a voltmeter. not sure if it still is that way for mistubishi, a 92 might be.

try the library and find some reference material and it should spell it out for you.
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all accessories off
trans in neutral
connect an anolog meter or led test light between mpi diagnogis
connector and earth (terminal #12 and #1)
any fault codes are displayed as voltmeter fluctuations or light pulses
eg; code 12 - is displayed as one medium length pulse ,a slight longer pause and two short pulses
11 - oxygen sensor
12-air flow meter
13-intake air temp
14-throttle position sensor
15-motor position sensor
21-coolant temp sensor
22-crank angle sensor
23 tdc sensor
24-speed sensor
25-barometric pressurs sensor
41-fuel injector circuit
42-fuel pump circuit
continous short fluctuations-normal system
to erase codes
remove battery negative
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mike from nj
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yep, that's it

two things to add, earth is the vehicle's ground(any bare metal)
and the key needs to be on.

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