99 Altima


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99 Altima

I just recently bought a used 99 Altima. When I start the car, there is a quick, half-second screeching sound from under the hood in front of the passenger side. Any clues? Does the driving belt need to be tightened or something? Cold weather?

Also, how do I know when the car needs another tune-up? The previous owner wasn't sure exactly when it was last done.
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Yes, that sounds like a belt needs to be replaced or tightened, depending on it's condition.

On your other question.....You say "another" tune up. How many miles are on this car. Nowadays spark plugs will last close to 100K if platinum or 50K if not. The rest of the secondary system like cap, rotor, wires are usually changed around 60-70K unless they get damaged some other way like oil or heat. Worry more about changing your fluids like Trans fluid, coolant, brake fluid etc.
that's more important and should be done sooner.
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The rear brakes makes only the slightest noise when I press on the brakes. I realize the brakes may need replacing, but I've also heard that it's not uncommon even for good or even new brakes to squeak. Other than taking it to get it checked out (which I will do), do those brake cleaner sprays help at all? They claim to cut grease and remove dust etc.
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a good rule of thumb...

...is to take any used car no matter what the mileage or condition and have it checked out completely by a competent technician. it kind of sounds like you want us to assess the vehicles condition by obscure description.

your noise on start up is, as desi stated, likely a belt but they need to be checked...they don't tolerate alot of slipping (that's what is happening when you hear that awful noise)

the best way to determine your next tune up interval is to have it done now...then you have starting point.

have your brakes inspected...all of them...and then worry about little squeaks/squeals. just guessing and then waiting for something to happen is a sure fire way to spend additional money at the time of needed repairs because condition was ignored along the way.

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