1990 Dodge Caravan


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1990 Dodge Caravan

My aunt has a 1990 Dodge Caravan with a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim engine in it.

When it gets hot the van dies and wont restart without starting fluid, unless its completely cooled. She has put on a new fuel pump in April of 2002. New starter in November of 2003,
and did a complete tune up in February of 2004, new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, all sensors and solenoids, fuel filters, new radiator. Fuel pump pressure is in check with specs for that type of engine.

She said it acts like its starving for gas. Could it be the fuel delivery system?
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people always say that...

...i guess it's human nature to say it's not getting gas. the way to diagnose this is to get it hot til it quits and then see what it doesn't have. it must have fuel delivery, injector drive, spark and air. you can have fuel pressure form the pump, but no injector drive which means it doesn't spray into the engine. if it has no spark, it likely doesn't have injector drive either because injector synchronization is dependant on a good ignition signal. the first thing to check for when it quits and won't restart is spark (i hate assuming but i'll assume that it has spark because it starts on starting fluid...but i'd double check for my own peace of mind) next you'd want to test for power (12 volts) available at the injectors (one wire will be "hot" with the key on) then on the other wire you would have an alternating ground while cranking(this turns the injectors on and off so they'll "squirt" the fuel in)
next is checking for fuel pressure...just because it's ahd a fuel pump put in it doesn't mean it's working correctly. this should be enough to give you understanding for either DIY testing or to ask someone good questions when they diagnose it...

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