1997 Toyota Camry rear brake problem


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1997 Toyota Camry rear brake problem

I took my car into a local tire place for an oil change and it came out with more problems than it went in with.

My main problem is that the right rear brake seems to be dragging on the drum. They are drum brakes on the rear and disc on the front.

I removed the drum and did not see anything out of the ordinary, but the wheel certainly drags when I spin it by hand. The other side spins smoothly. There is plenty of pad left on the shoe.
It sort of makes an intermittent grinding sound coinciding with the rotation of the wheel. Sounds terrible.

Any help would be appreciated. I do get some pulsation in the brake pedal, which seems to be coming from the rear.

Thank you, Brad

I can replace the brake shoes myself but not exactly sure if that would even cure the problem.

Just in case you were wondering the other problem was a torn boot in the cv joint. I know that could have been there for awhile. I already got that fixed yesterday.
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Sounds like the brake is adjusted too tight........but you said you took the drum off?

What your describing is a classic case of some adjusting the rear shoes too tight, seen it , done it
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Is there an easy way to adjust the rear drum brakes myself?
I can tear them apart but not sure of the proper adjustment.

Could it be that the shop adjusted the emergency brake and incorrectly did that?

Thanks, Brad

I will tear into it this weekend to take my mind off selling my home.
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I really doubt that is an adjustment problem. Sounds like something metal is contacting the drum. See if any hold-downs are broken or springs out of place or anywhere you can see metal was touching the drum.
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The emergency brake travel is taken care of when you adjust the brake shoe clearance. You only adjust the cable if you replace it.

The shoes are adjusted through a hole in the drum. They only move in the direction that tightens them. To back them off you have to move the self adjuster out of the way to move the adjuster in the opposite direction.
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My 10 year old son figured out the problem.

Apparently when Firestone was doing the usual inspection of the rear brakes they put the drum on incorrectly. The hole in the drum must be aligned with the hold in the plate to access the adjusters.

We went so far as to take off both rear drums and switch them and still had the problem only now on both sides.

My son noticed the marks made by the original alignment so we just rotated the drum a couple of lug nuts and it works perfectly.

I told him it is not how much work you do, it is what you know so he gets paid. He saved us a trip to the "brake" place.

Hard to believe it was so easy to fix. Thank you. Brad
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Good Job

I forgot about that, thats something I don't think about when I put a drum back on, I automatically line it up.

Also if the rubber plug is missing (which most of them are) it dosen't matter as far as the drum sitting flat.
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I think some where the wheels came off for an oil change but that wasn't mentioned in the original or follow up posts until the end.You know if you call and complain you will get a free oil change for next time.Did they ask you for permission to perform a brake inspection?If they didn't ask and did it anyhow they violated their own company policy.

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