91 chevy cavalier Z24


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91 chevy cavalier Z24

my cavalier wants to stall most times when it comes to a complete stop. When driving it runs like a champ and doesn't miss a beat, get on the gas and she goes, which is great but when it stops or sometimes when I'm on a dirt road going slow and have to brake suddenly for bumps it will stall. I work at victory lane so I have done the Run Right 3 step fuel injection cleaning, new fuel filter, new plugs and wires, K&N filter charger, all synthetic fluids.(oil, Trans and power steering)and still she wants to stall on me. When I tested it last the two codes which came up were the MAP and O2 sensors. Both of these are reletivly easy to get to and replace so I guess what I really would like to know is if these two sensors actually be causing this so I know if the fifty bucks I gotta spend on them is waranted. If not then I really beginning to run out of ideas on this one.
The other question I have is my starter which just began giving me hassels last week. Sometimes it will start first try sometimes it will just whine 20 times and tick the fly wheel just barely. I took it off today and cleaned it up, all connections and everything. I greased the shaft as well. When I replaced it it worked fine for half the day. Now its whining again. Any suggestions on this one would be much appreciated. Well i thinks thats all the problems i'm having with my loving car this week. Thanks guys!

Dave, MI
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mike from nj
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maybe try erasing the codes and driving it for a few days and see which one(s) come right back. the money you spent on the K&N and all synthetic fluids would have more than bought you new sensors. depending on what that 'run right fuel injection' thing is, you might have kicked the oxygen sensor code with that stuff.

two things come to mind for the stalling

1. dirty throttle body, dirty IAC motor. both work very well when they're spotless. if they're all gummed up, it will usually stall and even idle rough.

2. torque converter lock-up solenoid sticking in the lock-up position.

start with #1 and see if that helps you, then let us know. (and tell us the specific code numbers you have)
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Sounds like you also need a starter,when you change check the flywheel closely there were some problems with them on that age class Cavalier.

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