Ford F-150 Power Lock Actuator


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Ford F-150 Power Lock Actuator

I have a 1990 Ford F-150 Lariat, the passenger side power lock is not working from the passengers side switch or from the drivers side switch. When you hit either one of the switches it makes no noise for the passenger one but the drivers side works fine. I have been told it is the actuator in the door, and have check prices and the actuator is about $100. My question is that the lock has been used very little even though it is a 90 model and I would like to know is there any thing else it could be like a in line fuse or something else that would cause it not to work? If so how could I check it before I spend the $100. Also if I have to change the actuator, it is in a tight spot I have been told to leave old bracket that holds actuator on and pull the actuator out of old bracket and put new one back in old backet, because it is a pain drilling that pin out that holds bracket and you have to put nut and bolt back to hold bracket. If anyone has every changed one of these, let me know the best way? Thanks
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Pull the door skin off and check it with a test light.Don't just start replacing parts.What if you have a broken wire?If you need more instruction just ask but be specific as to your needs.If you do need an actuator we can help you change it.We can't change the price but you will save money doing it yourself.
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You also want to make sure that the latch itself isn't stuck of jammed. Drilling out the original rivet is not that hard at all.

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