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heat problem on Ranger

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Join Date: Nov 2003
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03-24-04, 07:22 AM   #1  
heat problem on Ranger

I have a 96 ranger 100,000 miles. Any time the fan is on it blows heat full blast. Even AC gives full blast heat (although it cools slightly in time).

I thought maybe the control knob was bad but I'm wondering if it's the actual switch that allows coolant into the heater core.


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03-24-04, 10:26 AM   #2  
most likely...

...the temp control valve located in the heater hose (it shuts off/allows coolant to flow thru the heater core) OR the blend door. some even use both (i have an older camry that does)

if it has a temp control valve in the heater hose it may be vacuum controlled or mechanically controlled by a cable...watch it and have someone work the control and see what it does. if the valve moves in both directions then when in the extreme cold position, the coolant should stop flowing thru the hose after the valve...feel it and see...if it doesn't, the valve is bad. same idea with a mechanically controlled valve...you should see movement at the cable when someone operates the cintrol inside the vehicle. if not...it may be the cable or the control head (the levers and stuff in the dash) has broken.

blend doors are usually cable controlled or vacuum motor controlled...same kind of process to figure this out...locate the blend door and watch the mechanism used to actuate it. you may have to work the controls and look around under the dash to find it...all that will be exposed will be the lever that works the door...the door is actually inside the heater box. pictures help here...you may want to visit your local library...you'd be surprised how much info they have there.

my personal opinion is that it has a temp control valve under the hood and that's where i'd start looking...

i'm surprised none of the ford people in here haven't responded....good luck

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