fluid leaks


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fluid leaks

i have a 1986 oldsmobile firenza 1.8L with a/c. I just got it running again last week. I noticed tuesday that i had some fluid leaking inside the car underneath the driverside dash above the gas & break pedals. a backyard mechanic friend of mine said it was powersteering fluid and showed me where it was leaking from. I took the car to a auto shop to get it fixed and they told me it was anti-freeze and my heater core is out. the fluid inside the car was a goldish color, not green.

is there a way I could verify myself without taking it to other garages and paying them every time. the car is only worth about $500, so I don't want to put another $300 into it for a heater core if It doesn't need it.

if someone could help me out, I sure would appreciate it.

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...i can't think of where or how you'd get PS fluid inside the car.

aside from that...normally a leaking heater core causes a funky smell and steaming inside the car after the engine warms up...in fact, if it's cool where you live it will condense on the cold windshield and not go away (evaporate) very easily. the heater core is located in the center of the vehicle and when they leak on those J body cars, the coolant is usually visible. take bright flashlight and look carefully at it again...if your coolnat is nice and clean and green then what you have leaking inside should be the same color.

good luck....
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Its the heater core
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You should be able to rub it between your fingers and determine if it's oil or coolant. another possibility is brake fluid from the clutch master, assuming it has one. You should be able to follow the trail to it's source. If it's originating from above the hump area, it's coolant.

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