Catalytic converter


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nelson knowles
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Catalytic converter

My 1996 chevy 1500 P/U truck 5.7L V8 vertec. 125000 miles has bad catalytic converter. Service engine soon light is on, scan code PO430. Untill I save some money to put the cats back here are some question;

What is the most cost effective way to deal with this?

Cut them out and put in resinators?

Will the light go off if I do that?

This truck have 4 02 sensors. 2 before the cats and 2 after.
What purpose do the two after the catalytic serve?

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Hi, welcome to the Forums,

You cannot cut them out and replace them with resonators.

The sole purpose of those after cat sensors in to see if the cats are performing.

If the wave pattern of the after cat sensor mimics the pre-cat sensor it will set a PO 420-430 code. So without good working cats the light will remain on.
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I thought you had a bank 1 and bank 2 O2 sensor lean codes according to your other post in the trucks forum.
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They also make o2 simulators, which fools the ecm. You could put a str8 pipe and get the simulators. The simulators are 45 bux a piece. I do not know about your local emission laws though.
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Emission controls are under federal laws enforced by states on a local level.Tampering with emission control devices could get you a huge fine if caught.People who attempt to bypass emission controls only make themselves headaches.I don't feel the simulators will solve the code problem.By the time you rig the hell out of your truck you will be more than halfway to fixing it right anyhow.
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Davo's right. the laws aren't just for everybody else.
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Give me a break! Ok Little mechanics. Read up. My way is much cheaper.

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