94/f150trans Q


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Unhappy 94/f150trans Q

Hi To all,
This is my 1st post so here go,s
This is the story,i think it started at the car wash could be wrong??
Went in and the roller got passed the wheel causeing my truck to jump and drop.Didn't notice it until latter in the day, that it seemed that i lost my speepo-and digital read on the odometer,my trans is now slaming when it shifts between gears,and i lost dome lights,so far i changed speed sencer on the rear and no change.also changed fuse in the box(10a) for trans.truck is shifting real hard into next gear and on the down shift.NEED HELP BIG TIME,out of work for 2 1/2 month and can't aford to put it in the shop hoping to fix myself with all the help i can get.

Truck info,94 Ford F150 flareside
4.9 fule injection
4 w/d
factory cruse
#'s on trans (A)
Standing teachible
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Hi, Welcome to the Forum,

As you already figured out the speed sensor and dome lite are on the same circuit.

You need to trace that circuit out to find your problem. Don't even bother to drive the truck for the trans shifting unless you find the cause of the no dome lite.

Try your local library for a wiring diagram.
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Check every fuse on the truck no matter what it says it is for trust me it won't make sense but sometimes that is the cure.To much stuff is tied together these days.
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mike from nj
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in addition to that, you might also want to look for a broken sensor on the trans itself, or at least the wiring not intact near that. (use a good flashlight) this might have caused the fuse to blow.

and next time wash it yourself
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the hunt is on


Thanks Guys,for the input went fri.to order the sensor for the transfa case.BTW it's a discontinued part.The dealer fond one in PA. orderd same, will be in mon..Today is hunt for the short day.Of course wireing is my biggest short comming (get it short comming) a little ha -ha.Will keep you all posted.(is that another one?)Thanks again for the in put.Standing teachible.

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Why are you changing parts?

The sensor is not your problem, have you tested it as bad?

Your problem is no power in the dome-speed sensor circuit. Find the cause and you will be good.

I have know of some one with you exact problem on a late '90's Ford truck. Speedo inop, trans erratic shifting and when this happens no dome light. Unfortunately I don't have the exact fix.

But they are all connected!
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mike from nj
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i never said to replace any sensors, i said to look with a flashlight for any obvious damage, from when it fell off the rack at the car wash. my 'thinking' was that the sensor might have cracked or the wiring got smashed and possibly blown the fuse.
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ok,like i said I'm not the best at wireing maybe if it was a Harley i'd be ok.I didn't test the sensor's(rear&trans case) but it's original equipment truck has 104,000 on it so for 20 bucks i thought it would be worth it to change them.working on the fuses have to pick up the rest today.Have rehearsal with my band today at 5p so limited to time to work on my truck.
Iwill check the feed to the sensor under the dash and see if I can find anything there.I realy want to thankyou guys for the input, it helps big time to know its not a job with a phone # price attached to it.keep you guys posted.Thanks again for the input.
Standing teachable.
BTW, The band is Jeff McCrae & The Urban Outlaw Band.We have a cd due to come out in June,if anyone wants to here what we sound like i'd be happy to hook them up with a cd.It's the lest I can do for the help i'm getting here.(free of coures).
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25A FUSE IN THE #8 SLOT IN THE BOX DID THE TRICK (power point),Thanks guys,you guys ROCK.My faith in the human race is renewed.Don't know about the manufactuers,and there design people.Thank you for your input, it was right on the money, witch i'm gonna have more of cause of your help.So like i said if you guys can dig some nice tunes and have a mind to check our stuff out just say the word and i,ll mail (e-or snail) to you.Once again thanks!!

standing teachable.
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Great Job!

By any chance did you use the power outlet that day?
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Thumbs up

LARRY,in answer to your Q about the power outlet.I use the lighter for my mini disk player.No other power sorurse.Thanks for the help sure made my life alot easier.


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