Neon overheating


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Neon overheating

My son's '97 Neon, SOHC engine, has a problem with the cooling fans. They're not coming on, even with AC on. Apparently there are three things than can cause this: fan motors, temp sensor, or PCM. Before I start looking it over, what would seem to be the most likely culprit? It seems to me if it were the fan motors, both wouldn't go bad at the same time.
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Try hooking one or both of them directly to power without the switch... just make shift a wire into the fan plug directly to the battery for a few seconds. This will tell you if the fan is bad. Shouldn't even matter if you get - + wrong, as it will just run backwards but still work. Also, you should try hooking a muiltimeter up to the terminal to see if it is getting power when it gets up to temp... Sounds like it must be the temp sensor to me and maybe 2 different problems. The air conditioner fan should come on independent of the radiator fan. Maybe a common bad ground that both fans share? A multimeter should tell all this.
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Re: Neon overheating

Originally posted by bruiser
fan motors, temp sensor, or PCM.
I think your forgetting the relay/s and ALL related wiring and connectors.
I'm sure Mike from NJ will chime in with all the correct answers but I'm pretty sure most of those dual setups are wired for 2 speed and have separate relays. You can test everything from the sensor on by unplugging the temp sensor while the engine is running. They should run then. Use a test light to test for power and ground at the motor.
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mike from nj
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yes, you could replace all those expensive parts, and still not have the fans work, because, the fuse could be blown in the underhood fuse center.

if the fuse is blown, expect the motors to be on their last leg, they are drawing too much amperage for the system and the fuse is doing it's job.

unplugging the coolant sensor on any domestic built chrysler product will immediately put the fans on to full speed (100%), but you will have a check engine light, an almost undrivable car and a stored fault code.

BUT, before you mess with anything, call any dealer that's open tomorrow(saturday) and ask if you have any open recalls. there is one for the radiator fan relay, and it might apply to your vehicle. and also ask if they will tow it in, because you're afraid to drive it with no fan operation. it entirely depends on the person on the other end of the phone as to if they will tow it (for free) or not. it might take some convincing, and politeness helps.

if there's no open recalls, let us know, someone here will help you find this problem without guessing with your wallet.

ps. what did you find with the other two problems with this car last week??
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I also posted the same question at I found out there is a tsb, but no recall. I found out the relay is not the standard relay you usually find under the hood. It's a dealer item and is located under the battery tray on the frame rail. No wonder I couldn't find it. The people that replied over there are pretty sure it is the relay.

The other problem turned out to be the egr solenoid.
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mike from nj
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well then maybe you should just replace the relay, and hope. after all, what would i know? maybe read my profile, maybe read this:

To: All Dodge and Chrysler-Plymouth Dealers
Subject: Emissions Recalls #7691 and #7692 -- Radiator Fan Relay
Models: 1997 and 1998 Model Year Dodge and Plymouth Neon (PL) Vehicles Built at the Toluca Assembly Plant ("T" in the 11th VIN Position) Through September 10, 1997 (MDH 0910XX) and:
• Currently Located Out of California -- Recall #7691
• Currently Located In California -- Recall #7692

The radiator fan relay on about 45,000 of the above listed vehicles, may not turn on the radiator cooling fans. This may cause the engine to overheat. In addition, radiator fan relay operation is monitored by the vehicle’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD) system. Failure of an OBD monitored component violates U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission regulations. To correct this condition, the radiator fan relay must be replaced and a jumper wire that contains a diode must be installed.

IMPORTANT: This recall (#7692) is subject to the State of California Registration Renewal/Emissions Recall Enforcement Program. Involved vehicles must have the recall service completed before registration renewal.

Effective immediately all repairs on involved vehicles are to be performed according to this recall notification. The Labor Operation Number for TSB 07-07-97 and 07-04-98 is being canceled.


the relay is a 'solid state' relay, meaning no moving parts inside, it is nothing more than a large switching transistor. and i have replaced a very 'few' of them, it's not always the relay. a few quick probes with a voltmeter and you will know for sure.

maybe you should tell that there actually is a recall for this car and it may apply to some vehicles, maybe they would look up to you.

free is always better than paying in my book.

if you don't trust a dealer that much, here's the 1-800#:

If you need help... If you have trouble getting your vehicle repaired, please call the Chrysler Customer Center, toll free, at 1-800-992-1997. A representative will assist you in getting your vehicle repaired. If you are still unable to obtain the repair as described in this letter within a reasonable time, you may also contact the Vehicle Programs and Compliance Division of the Environmental Protection Agency (6405J), 401 M Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20460.

let us know
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It was the relay. I checked with three different dealers, and Neon did not make the recall list, according to them. Guess it was luck this one lasted this long.

mike in nj, why are you so upset? Because I went to more websites than this? I always want to get as much input from as many sources as I can. had the same tsb as you posted. And the same info on the relay. I don't question your knowledge or ability at all, and am glad for any advice you care to give regarding automobile maintenance and repair. Have you ever been to If not, maybe you should visit it, as there are some hardcore mechanical types over there, including some dealership techs.

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