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I have a 96 Olds Cutlass Supreme with a V6. When I accelerate lightly the engine sputters very slightly (but it bugs the heck out of me). I brought it to a garage and they said it was the "computer" chip. They replaced the computer and it helped for about a day but then went back to sputtering. I asked them to put the old computer back in and refund my money, they did.

any ideas?
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Well, at least you got some lemonade (refund) out of the lemon (replaced ECM). LOL!

It's pretty rare that an ECM (computer) is the cause of a driveability problem like you describe. I'd find a better mechanic for starters.

You need to have a competent technician perform a stepped diagnosis on your car to determine the problem.

Possible causes could be: dirty fuel filter, fuel pump getting ready to die, defective TPS (throttle position sensor), EGR operating at wrong time, bad plug(s), plug wires, MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor, etc.

The days of "shotgun" diagnose by throwing parts at it until it's fixed are over.

If you can provide us with some more info like engine temp, vehicle speed, driving conditions, etc we might be able to point you in the right direction.


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Are you ever getting a "check engine" light? If so, you need to get it scanned for codes. If your not getting any codes set, that may be an indidcation of an ignition problem rather than a sensor. I've seen many a "Mass air flow' sensor act that way. Try unplugging it while it's running and see if it improves. Be advised, that WILL set a code at that time.

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