windshield washer pump problem


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windshield washer pump problem

I replaced the pump for the rear windshield washer on my daughter's 96 chevy blazer because the old one was leaking. I do not know if it was working or not.

The new pump when installed will not work. My test light will light when you press the washer switch. I touched the test light probes to the 2 connectors on the plug from the wiring harness. I did not check the voltage but it seems as bright as when I connect it to the battery. I connected the new pump to the battery and it runs.

I thought I had a loose connection, broken wire etc. so I connected a pair of test wires from the plug to the terminals on the pump. At the same time I connected the test light to the same test wires, The test light will light but the pump does not run. I have eliminated the possibility of a bad connection, wire, etc.

It sounded like there was a faint clicking noise when the button was pressed to activate the pump (and the test light comes on). It sounded like a relay clicking.

Any ideas please I am
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Well i'm not real familiar with the wires on a blazer but if the test light lights up then you should have sufficient power but do you have a good ground??.Usually a solid black wire will be the ground wire.
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It has me stumped. The connector is a 2 wire connector. 1 ground and 1 hot activated by the switch. I am certain I had good connections when I had the test wires connected with the test light in parallel and the test light will light. but the motor will not even try to run.
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Did you ut one end of your test light on the ground wire and one on the power wire? It sounds to me like you have a bad ground. Check the wires with a DVOM and see if you have 12 volts with the button pressed.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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