93 Prelude oil leak


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93 Prelude oil leak

I have an oil leak on my sons 93 Honda Prelude SI. It looks like there is some type of rubber plug in the head behind the distributor. The plug is directly behind the ignition coil. The valve cover gasket is not leaking.

It appears to plug the rear camshaft similar to the hole for the front camshaft where the distributor connects? There are 2 bolts that appear to hold a cap that holds the top half of the plug and the cap appears to go under the valve cover gasket.

If so how do you replace it? It looks like you may have to remove the valve cover and then the cap. Does the cap just come off after the valve cover is off, and does the cap just compress the plug to hold it in place?

Is there anything else there that could be leaking if it is not the rubber plug?

I first saw the oil stain on the coolant host to the oil filter. I was not sure where it could be coming from except the valve cover but as I said the valve cover is dry.
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mike from nj
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having only worked on a few hondas, you sound to be describing a 'cam plug'. that cap you talk about is the cam journal cap(it holds the cam down to the head, it is the cam 'bearing') i don't think you need to take that all apart.

when i replace these (on other engines), i'll either thread a sheet metal screw in like 1/4" and use a mini slide hammer to pull it out. or hammer a screwdriver through it, and pry it out. this might do some damage if you go too far. either way, do what you must to get it out. to install, find a socket of the same size and either hammer it or use a pry bar to gently pry it back in until it's at the same level it's at now.

maybe buy a new one first and see if you get any ideas.

see what others have to say first.

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