2000 Ford Winstar EGR filter


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2000 Ford Winstar EGR filter

When I got the check engine light on my Winstar read the guy at autozone said I was getting a code for my EGR filter. The new part costs about $55 he said to try cleaning it first with Carborator cleaner. He showed me where it was. Is there anything important I need to know before doing this?
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Well, if it's actually an egr filter he showed you all you have to do is pop the small plastic cap off the top and you'll find a small foam stlye filter that you can usually just blow the dust out of(this filter is only about the size of a quarter).I'd be surprised if the Autozone guy actually new what one was?.Most of the times the codes are for either the dpfe sensor(which go out a lot) or a evr solenoid(which seldom but sometimes do go out).Also a vacuum leak can cause the same code.
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Fordtech is right. The valve is the least likely cause of the problem. the PFE's are notorious but you have to follow the diagnostic procedure to determine the cause. What was the actual code that it set? I'm sure all he check was memory. There are 2 other tests that have to be run to get the rest of the codes.

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