honda accord 1989 axle right side

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honda accord 1989 axle right side

I need some directon from some skilled person on how to replace the right front axle on a 1989 honda accord Lxi. The haynes manual is ok and I have all the tools to do the job but I have no experince in suspension work etc.

The right side is supported by jackstands
The Wheel is off
The Axle nut is off
The Brake hose has been removed from the fork assy
and I am about to remove the rod going to stering knukle on the wheel, the fork assy and the lower arm.

Is it necessary to remove the lower arm?

What prevents the wheel from falling when the strut is removed?

I am concerned about supporting the lower "A Frame"
and wheel assy when and if I remove the fork assy from
the lower arm and the strut

The manual suggest I remove the transaxle oil. Is that necessary?

I hope this makes sense.

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axle removal


Don't drain the transaxle. Just put something under it to catch the fluid that comes out. It's usually not much.

The strut does not need to come off.

I've found the axle comes out easier if you can disconnect either the upper or lower ball joint. The upper one usually separates easier. Spray some liquid wrench or similar on it, remove the cotter key and remove the castellated nut.

Start tapping on the upper side of the wheel spindle where the ball joint stud goes through it. DO NOT hit the stud or the threads or you're in for more work!

Once the ball joint separates from the spindle you should be able to pull it out enough to remove the axle.

Sometimes removing the outer tie rod end on th back side also gives you some more play in the wheel assembly.

You shouldn't have to drop the lowere control arm.

I'll be around, so post again if you need some more help.

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Very good directions from Smogtek there. One more thing. You mention the "fork" assembly.... You will need to remove the bolt through the bottom of the fork, which is actually the bottom of the strut, to allow the inner CV joint to be removed. Most times it will not slip through and the lower control arm should be pushed down so the axle shaft can be slipped under the "fork".
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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