starting problem

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starting problem

I have a 1992 Buick Park Avenue that has an intermittent starting problem. Occasionaly when I insert the key in the ignition it won't turn over. It doesn't even make a clicking noise. The "Security" light does not flash though, and most of the time if I wait a few minutes it will start again. The other night however I waited for 45 minutes and it still wouldn't turn over. It seems to be affected by the weather, when it is really cold out, it doesn't act up as much. The warmer it gets the more it gives me trouble. And it is even worse when it is wet out. As far as I know the battery is ok, even though it is getting a little old. I also tried tapping on te starter and it didn't help. Can anyone help me?

PS: The car haas a 3.8L engine. And I haven't done anything to try to fox it yet.

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I would check the 2 little white wires that come out of the ignition lock cylinder for breakage.To do this remove the steering wheel,t/signal switch to access them,only pull on them lightly to check because they are not very big wires.You could try moving the tilt wheel up and down to see if it starts while you have the problem it's a good indication the wires are broken.
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Starting problem

Thanks. I'll try playing with the steering wheel. If that does the trick then I'll take it to a garage and have the switch replaced.

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