1990 toyota camry check light


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1990 toyota camry check light

Hi everyone! I have a 1990 toyota camry sedan (LE model) which is quite rare in portugal... I've been having problems with check engine light. Codes ment air mass meter and vehicle speed sensor signal; already put a hole new air mass meter and code won't disappear. Is there some kind of reset switch for check engine light? Would also apreciate an electrical diagram (includding ECU), since it's not easy to get repair manuals arround here... Can anyone help me? Thanks
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Stand by a little while. Toyotaman will be along eventually and he'll have all the right answers for you. I can tell you that on a 1990 model, merely disconnecting the battery will clear all codes. In the meantime check very closely for holes or leaks in the snorkel between the sensor and the throttle body, disconnected tubes etc.
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Hi welcome to the Forums'

What exactly are the code numbers. Desi is right disconnecting the battery for 30 sec will clear the code.

Is it a 4 or 6?
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Hei, guys! Thanks for reply... It's a code 24 and a 32 as well. also, there is a 42 (vehicle speed sensor signal). Do you know were is that located? I took the battery out for a couple weeks or more and codes were kept (but light is off while running). Meanwile a friend from the USA sent me a gift- The "Haynes Repair Manual" for my model. I read there that in some models codes will be kept forever. Is that true? Thanks a lot...

Andre is my name
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Check on top of the transmission towards the back (closer to the firewall as opposed to closer to the radiator). If it's like the one on my wife's '95, it'll have a black plastic body and an oblong, 3-wire connector. Should have one bolt holding it in place. Had to replace hers last year.
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Well speed sensor for code 42 is in the speedo head, code 61 is in the trans and on that model faces the back on the trans next to the left side axel.

24 is air temp sensor in the air flow meter, 32 is the airflow meter. Check the wiring to the air flow meter. Also check the ground on the back of the intake(if its a 4 cyl...you never answered)

The codes will clear by disconnecting the battery unless they are still present.
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Yes, it's a 4-cyl. In fact it's the 3S-FE engine with automatic translaxe. I'll try what you said, first disconect the bat and then if still present check the wiring. Just hope it's not the ECU!...
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Also, what's «the ground on the back of the intake»?
At the element or at the intake, like after throotle body?

sorry, English is not my first language...

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i would assume he meant the intake manifold.

even though a lot of people call the rubber tube between the air filter(element) and the throttle body the "intake", it's wrong.

look for wires to end under a bolt on the intake manifold.
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Mike right,

The intake or plenum is in two pieces, the ground is in the middle of the two. It's way down between the intake and the firewall.

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