Car window howling 8-[

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Car window howling 8-[

CAR: Acura Integra GS 1.8L 1992 - Hatch Back

Problem: Wind getting into the car at 55+/MPH causing very anoying howling noise beside from the road noise that I had to get used to in an old car.

Situation: Car window got smashed stereo stolen. This will be the third time. Before breaking the door glass the thief apparently tried to pry the door glass open and cause damages to the rubber lining. The door on my car doesn't have metal loop for the window to stop when it rolled all the way up, when I roll the door glass up it's only the glass, when I close the door it rest against the rubber lining attached to the body. That lining is damaged and casing wind to come in.

Question: are there any product out there to repair this damage, or where I mgiht be able to find this replacement part. I called the acura dealer in town and they say they dont have it.

My temperory fix right now is to losen the "stopper" located on the door, this piece of metal prevent the door glass raise to high and can't be fit perfectly into the body when closed.

With it losen, when inside the car I close the door and raise the window all the way up for a very tight contact ( still some hissing wind noise). When getting of I roll window down abit below where a normal closed window should be and close it else the door glass would protruding out and rest ontop of the lining instead of fitting inside it.

If you know where I can obtain one of these lining or way to replair it please let me know
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You could order a new one from the dealer or try an auto recycler for a used one.
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What you are looking for is the body side window weatherstripping. If your local Honda/Acura dealer doesnt have it (which would be normal for a 10+ year old car) then ask them ifthey can order it. If they cant (or wont) call another dealership. If it is in their catalog and has not been obsoleted then they can get it for you. IF THEY WANT TO!!!
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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thx fellas i din't know what it called, did some search on google and found some website that might have them. Gonna do a thorough search later on.

Thanks again

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