automatic transmission ford xplorer

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automatic transmission ford xplorer

I have a 94 Ford Explorer with 125K miles. Several months ago I noticed it would take a couple of seconds to engage into drive after I shifted it from park. It would occasionally do the same thing when I put it into reverse, the engine would slightly rev up and then it would engage the gear. I checked the trans fluid and it was almost all gone, so I filled it back into normal operating levels. Since then it has happened again and I had to refill the trans fluid. This was one month ago and yesterday it happened again, so almost one month to the day it needed more trans fluid. The second time I refilled it I also added some stop leak formula, but I guess it hasn't worked. In one month the car probably was driven 1500 miles. It has only had trouble shifting from park to reverse or park to drive, never from one gear to another. What should I do here? Does it sound like the trans if failing or just a slow leak? and if it is just a leak how serious is it get it fixed right away, or if at all???
thanx for the help...
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When was the last time if ever the trans was serviced, If you keep running the fluid low for sure you are going to need a trans.

You must find and repair the leak. Stop leak is not the answer and in fact may speed the demise of you trans.
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trans has never been serviced since we bought it in 2000.
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If your tranny drains in a month that's not a slow leak, that is a major leak, and sorry to say, but it sounds like the damage has been done, automatic tranny's do not react well to running with very low fluid. Get the leak fixed and hope for the best.

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