96 town car air suspension


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96 town car air suspension

buddy of mine just replaced the rear air springs in his parents lincoln town car. When he starts the car, the system releases all the air in the bladders, and then starts to pump it back up all over again. The compressor runs for about 5 mins, then shuts off. He then has to turn off the car and restart it (to get the compressor turned back on) 2 more times before the car gets pumped back up to where it belongs. Once the car is off and sits for a while, it releases the air all over again the next time he starts it.

Anyone out there had these symptoms before?
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Is the ride height sensor operating properly?Some air ride systems need calibrated after certain repairs that may also be the case,I'm not sure on a Lincoln.Why were the bags replaced?
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Try disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes to clear the computer. Just a possibility.
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Tried resetting the computer, that didn't work.

how do you calibrate the system? He replaced the air bladders b/c one had a small leak in it, and the other didn't look much better.

he worked on it again the other night, and came up with one theory. the selonoids at the top of the bags open up when the car starts, so that the compressor can pump the car back up. However the compressor doesnt' seem to have any pressure built up in the lines when it's been sitting. he seems to think that when the selonoid opens, the air from the bladder is leaking all the way back through the compressor, and past the piston in the compressor. that is until the compressor warms up (and the piston expands??). In theory it makes some sense, but how practical is it? He said he did open the pump up and put a couple of drops in the top of it, and it seems to be a little better now.????

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