'92 Geo Metro Starting Problems When Wet


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Question '92 Geo Metro Starting Problems When Wet

This is a strange problem neither my husband nor myself have ever seen with any car we have ever owned. Our Geo Metro will not turn over when it has been raining and the overall atmosphere is wet! If you wait several hours until it dries out it will start fine (if you haven't worn down the battery trying to start it)! We have tried using HEET and it works temporarily. Any ideas?
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You said it will not turn over. Do you really mean that it cranks but does not start? If thats the case, open the hood, have one try to start the car while the other person looks for sparks anywhere on the engine. This works best in subdued light. Any spark is where a high voltage wire is shorting out and not getting the voltage to the spark plugs. Find the spark(s), replace the wires or at least move them away from the metal they are contacting, and you should be back in business.
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to simulate...

..the situation when it's dry....start the car (preferably in the evening) and the take a pump sprayer and mist the ignition system lightly with water and see if you see any arcing from plug wires or the ignition coil. it sounds like a weak coil or one that is "leaking" electricity...which is made worse by humidity. when was the last time it had a set of spark plugs...worn out spark plugs ruin ignition coils.
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If it has a distributor cap and rotor, I'd replace that first. You wouldn't be able to see the arcing from that and it would take a trained eye to recognize a crack. That's usually first place to look with those symptoms but still do what carguyinva recommended.

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