ticking noise in engine area


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ticking noise in engine area- 96 Olds Achieva

There is a 'ticking' noise that sounds like in the engine area. First I was hoping it may be the exhaust by the engine....but I don't think it is now. It does it even when sitting in a idling position.
The sound is somewhat like when as a kid I put cards in the spokes of my bicycle and it made that sound when the wheels were turning.

When I accelerate it 'ticks' faster. Any thoughts or suggestions anyone?

Thanks much!!

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A leak in the exhaust manifold will sound just like what your describing at any engine speed, even idle. While the engine is cold and just started, move your hand around the base gasket or look for a black spot coming from the gasket which will tell you where the leak is. If it has a heat shield over the manifold, you might take off the heat shield and see if the manifold has cracked. Hopefully it is just a leak and not something internal.
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Post the yr/make/model that would help.If you have an A.I.R system perhaps one of the tubes is leaking.
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Could be a number of things, lifters comes to mind. Dodge Dakotas have this issue, caused by the injectors, not a problem, some just make noise.
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A piece of vinly tubing about 5/16" to 3/8" inside diameter makes a good stethoscope. Put one end to your ear and the other where you think the noise is coming from. You can locate many noises this way.

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