Fuel line(S)


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Fuel line(S)

Can anybody tell me why an 88 dodge Aries K car has 3 fuel lines running from the tank to the front,The biggest line being 5/16 and the other 2 are even smaller. The very smallest of the 3 lines attaches to a rubber line that goes somewhere on top of the tank, the 5/16 line and 1 line slightly smaller each attach to seperate spots on the rear of the tank(pumps?)
Also the smallest of the 3 fuel lines runs up the firewall over to the front passenger side directly behind the headlights, it connects to a small device, that device then goes from there up to the motor, anybody know what that small device is, it almost looks like it has a small primer pin on this device, but I didnt get a good look at it.

And 3rd question is does anybody know where you can purchase factory bent lines, 2 out of the 3 lines are pretty rusty along pretty much from the tank to where it turns up the firewall,can this be replaced with rubber gas line, or is that bad?Should it be done in tubing?
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Large line if the feed. One of the small ones is a vent and the other is the return. The device might be a carbon canister or charcoal canister. Hard to say

Even if you can find factory bent lines they are going to be very expensive. Get a roll of steel line and a line bender and do it your self. It doesn't have to be perfect just make sure its away from the exhaust and any moving parts. Keep in mind the engine flexes so make sure there is some flex line close to the engine.

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