'91 Jeep Wrangler- Power cut-out? Short?


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Mr. St. Louis
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Unhappy '91 Jeep Wrangler- Power cut-out? Short?

I have had my Jeep since it was new, and recently restored it. It has a 2.5L, 4 cyl engine. I now have an intermittent recurring problem that has me and my dealer scratching our heads. Complete loss of power for only a moment (but sometimes longer). Resting at idle, to full speed on the highway, dosen't matter, it can (and does) at any time, then comes right back on. The sensation at highway speeds is like reaching the end of a rope tied to my back bumper. Sometimes, however, I will be at a stop light, power goes out, engine stalls, and nothing happens when I turn the key. After it sits a few minutes it is fine, back to normal. It often acts up every few minutes, or when I turn on or use something electrical (power draw), even something as small as a turn signal, but not always, and sometimes I can go for days without incident. My mechanic is convinced it's a short somewhere, but neither of us can find it. Could it be the ECU? (I really hope not) Any other suggestions?
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I would check both battery cables for corrosion at either end by removing them from the connection.I would also check for problems with any fusible links.The ignition switch is also a possibility so check it.
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mike from nj
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yes, i would defintiely check those things davo said.

if you had an intermittent short, you would be blowing fuses, that's what shorts do.

when you say you restored it, did it involve any painting? you could have a loose, corroded, stripped or painted over ground connection on the body, engine or frame somewhere, causing this exact problem. go over each ground wire and sand it down to bare metal and see if it helps. i bet it will.

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