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My transmission is going - so I'm on the lookout for a replacement. I have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler with a 4.0 Liter 6 Cylinder Engine and an Automatic Transmission. The transmission type is 904. Can I use ANY 904 transmission - even if it is from an older (1997) Jeep? What if the older Jeep had a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine - would that make a difference? Is it all the same part?

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i can tell you with almost certainty that it's not a 904, maybe a 904 with overdrive, which was renamed A500 which is now called a 44RE. it is based on a 904, but with an overdrive.

if you have a drain plug in the trans pan, you have the AW4 (aisin warner) trans, completely different animal.

as for interchangability between the 98 and 97, as long as the "newer" trans has the sensor on the output shaft(2 pins), it should work, however the trans behind a 4cylinder will have weaker clutches and gears inside(it would be a 42RE, half the torque capacity). so whatever driving style broke this trans, will surely break the "new" one.

when you say it's going, what is wrong. it would be a shame to replace a trans for a simple sensor or wiring problem.
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transmission 'going'

My transmission shifts okay - but I noticed my fluid is brown. The fluid was also a bit low (so I added a quart). This was a few months ago.

I can purchase a remanufactured transmission for my vehicle for about $800. I'm not confident that I could rebuild my transmission myself - but I imagine that I could install a remanufactured one. I thought if I could get a used one - I might be able to do better.

I'm not sure if my transmission is really cooked or not - but I'm told that if it is, I will destroy it changing the fluid. I was also told I would be able to smell if it was cooked or not - but either my sense of smell isn't very good - or, it isn't cooked. I'm not sure.

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