brake removal


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Mrs. Mary
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brake removal

We have a 97 Dodge Caravan 80K that has only had front brakes replaced, for the last to weeks I have noticed some type of feeling when I brake almost a dragging when I stepped on brake.No sound or buzzing from any alarm devise, no spongey brake pedal, no dash light, just a sort of vibration under my foot. One day I hear a noise backing up almost a grind sound coming from what seems like steering column but not a regular occurance. I also drove with the emergency brake on a ways. No I didn't put it on. I now have very little pedal to brake,upon checking front pads are ok,but can't get back off. The cover is rusted on or brakes are locked anyways How can I get it off ? Applied WD40 to try to loosen the hub or drum or whatever the cover is called. My husband is doing the work and a little annoyed he can't get it off. He's patient letting it sit over night.Any suggestions?
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It's likely that the shoes have grooved themselves right into the brake drum. You will have to fight with the adjuster through the slot to back off the adjustment. It won't be real easy because you have to hold the self adjusting lever away while trying to roll the adjuster backwards. Be sure not to turn it the wrong way and make it tighter.
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Mrs. Mary
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brake removal

Today my husband still can't get brake drum off, I didn't see any brake slot on front of drum myself. Upon advise from local mechanic who also heard story, suggested bleeding lines for possible air in lines. I assisted and sure enough air was there.Pedal is up and upon testing brakes work fine. I'll try it myself tomorrow as its my driving vechicle. Mary
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was the system opened for some reason? was the fluid level very low? brake systems are closed to the atmosphere and shouldn't get air in them. air got in there some how and that needs to be figured out before you do any real driving...i wonder if you have a leak in those rear brakes. the other thing is that...and mike can correct me if i'm wrong, is that i think you have to remove the little hub cap in the center of the drum, then remove the cotter pin and spindle nut. the hub and drum are one assembly. you may still have to mess with the adjuster to slide the drum off tho. good luck...and DON'T drive that van much until you determine the cause for air in the system.
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Mrs. Mary
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brake removal

System was never open and only very little fluid added. I did drive about 20 miles today with much caution. Brake is up, not as high and hard as when new brakes are installed. The advise on the bleeding was due to the driving with the emergency on and possible friction burn to boots and possible air build up. I also know there was air in line. I've always been cautious with regard to brakes and thought maybe the master cylinder could be a contributing factor? There is no leaking we are observing. I thought with any brake problem either the dash light,a noise or alarm, something should notify you there is problem? We will continue to watch as being a little suspicious myself. Thanks, Mary
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Even if the brake shoes haven't grooved into the drums, it is often difficult to get the drums off because of rust. A few hefty whacks around the edge with a large rubber mallet usually loosens them. I've seen some mechanics use a driller's hammer or similar but that's a lot more likely to result in a cracked drum.

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