2000 Dodge Neon Service


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2000 Dodge Neon Service

Hey all..

Picked up a 2000 Neon ES earlier this week with 96k miles ($4100).

I was looking through the owners manual, and there's nothing in there about valve adjustments, and I can't seem to find any info on valves for the neon. All I do know is that it's a SOHC 16 valve.

Anybody know if this car has hydraulic (ie non adjustable) lifters, or are they adjustable. I've got what sounds like the intake valves on #3 clicking a bit, so I would assume (hope) that they are adjustable.
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according to...

...AllData...they are hydraulic. no adjustments. you may have a lifter/lash compensator that is leaking down. try removing the cam cover and checking for lash. do a good visual inspection to expose wear of the rocker or valve stem (if it uses valve lash compensators...i don't know if they are direct acting or not). you may need to check several to see if you can easily collapse the lifter/compensator...perhaps one is weak

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