94 Dodge Gr. Caravan Trans. problem


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94 Dodge Gr. Caravan Trans. problem

I have a 94 Dodge Gr. caravan with a 3.3 Litre that vibrates badly around 35-45mph (when hot) if the overdrive is on. The whole front end shakes.It seems directly related to the O.D. It has a button to turn the O.D. off. Is this a major fix as in trans rebuild?
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mike from nj
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it could be a lot of different things, ranging from spark plug wires to a trans problem.

try this, while driving, and making the problem happen, and without lifting off the gas pedal, tap the brake pedal just enough to light the rear brake lamps. the computer disengages the lock-up function inside the trans when the brakes are applied. so if you can cause the prblem to come and go, by simply hitting and releasing the brake(while never releasing the gas pedal) you can confirm or eliminate the trans right away.

FYI: factory wires are good to about 100,000 miles. aftermarket plug wires are about half that. how has the maintenance been on this vehicle?
another important thing: this trans needs ATF+3 style fluid only. other than the dealer, some brands are compatible(dexron is NOT) if the fluid was changed recently, i'm betting it was the wrong fluid.

let us know what you come up with

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