97 Honda Accord condenser fan


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97 Honda Accord condenser fan

I have a 97 Honda Accord LX 4 dr. The condenser fan fuse (under the hood) keeps blowing. The air conditioner will not operate with this fuse blown.

If I replace the fuse it will work one time. The next time it blows.

I have read that the condenser fan relay might be the cause. If so, where is the relay located. If not, what might be the cause of this fuse continueing to blow.
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mike from nj
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speaking of fans in general, as they get old and worn out, they tend to draw more amperage, and when this exceeds the fuse's limits...you know the rest.

try spinning the fan with your hands, is it notchy, or binding up at all?

i doubt it's the actual relay, as they tend to blow the fuse immediately when they are bad, but i've only worked on a few hondas, and they always do things differently, so anything is possible.

first, i would substitute an ammeter in place of the fuse and run everything on that particular system until i see a heavy draw. if the a/c compressor is on the same circuit, it could just as easily pop the fuse. you will need an accurate wiring diagram to find everything on that exact circuit.

if you find the fan is the only thing on it, and if possible, i would try to lube the bearings on the fan, the way i would do that is to remove the fan and use a good oil, not a spray oil(wd40)which would last for a day at the most, but a motor oil or something heavy like that precisely placed into the bearings and see if it makes a difference.

whatever you do, don't substitute a larger fuse to 'fix' it, or you will make a few more bigger problems.

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