alarm sys repl. on 98 cirrus


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alarm sys repl. on 98 cirrus

My mother's 98 Chrysler cirrus has a mind of its own, the alarm has always had the tendancy to sound off after locking the car (armed). It normally happens about 30 seconds after pushing the lock button on the key fob. The alarm system was a Chrysler dealer installed system at the time it was purchased.

Some months go by without a problem, and other time like today it get the entire parking lot's attention 3 times.
It is a embarrasing problem which is most annoying.

My question(s):
Is there a way to disable it?
What is entailed in replacing it? /Where are the main components located?

If she buys a new car and I get the cirrus, the first thing to go in the dumpster is the awful alarm system. I would not tollerate it.

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I would remove the alarm.Look under the dash on the drivers side for a black box(usually)with wires strung all over they usually look out of place.Follow some wires if you see splices in the wires you have found it.Remove the POS.

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