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I have a 1995 Dodge 2500 van and the ac needs freon.. r134.

I try to get my quick connect on but it won't click on. There seems to be a small chunk of the end of the nipple missing off the low pressure quick connect. When I try to connect my gage the part I hold in my hand does not connect and it wiggles back and forth about three eights of an inch. I know there is nothing wrong with my connector.

Can just the connector be replaced or do I have to replace the whole hose? How do I evac and purge the system if I can't make a connection on the low pressure side? I don't think there's much freon because the clutch doesn't engage and I have to make it engage myself.

I bought this van used....


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suggest taking to a shop and have them look at it to see what needs to be done, the shop will have the equipment to reclaim any freon and pull a vacum on the system, plus check it for leaks if the low side fitting is messed up it may need the hose replaced but if its not leaking and with the right equipment it could be filled to spec from the high side fitting, but you would not be able to get any lowside pressure readings.
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Low freon isn't the only thing that could be wrong with that system. Randomly adding freon to a system that may not need any could result in disaster. Just opening the wrong valve can result in a can blowing up in your face. Leave that job to a professional. An estimate and leak check is usually under $30.
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Thanks for the help...I will take it to a pro!!!!

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