90 Accord Brake lamps


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90 Accord Brake lamps

Hey guys,

I have a 90 Honda Accord, I have a brake light problem that has me stumped. this car has 1 brake lamp on either side of the trunk lid and 1 brake lamp on either rear quarter/corner and 1 3rd brake lamp for a total of 5 lamps.

OK now 1 lens thats on the trunk lid has a gap around it and when it rains, it leaks water in the trunk and in the little lamp housing on the inside on lid. get filled with water and the wires get wet.

Now normally only 1 lamp works on the car the lt corner one.
i change the 2057 bulbs and all 5 lamps work great after a few times hitting the brake pedal the leaky lamp and rt corner lamps go out. the bulbs are fine. if I take them out them put in again the lamps dont work. it only works with new bulbs.

there is a module on either side of lens and i replaced the 1 on the bad side but no fix.I also changed the little housing on the inside and no dice. how can I get the lamps to stay on?
PS all the fuses and relays seem to be fine

I Am super desperate!! 2 tech's checked it out and are stumped also.

Thanks in advance
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The Accords have a rubber gasket to keep the water out of the trunk and light. It sounds like yours is loose or defective. You can try tightening it up and see what happens. I had the water problem on my '88, tightened the light assembly and the leaking stopped.


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