trans filter installation


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trans filter installation

I have a 1985 Monte Carlo with the 200 4r transmission. I see most techs install the transmission filter with the spring clip that is bolted to the valve body under the filter, considering it a device to keep the filter from dropping. I believe that this clip is intended to ride above the filter (within the slot that is molded into the top side of the filter) thereby forcing the filter opening into a better supply of fluid. My measurments indicate that the pan itself will prevent the filter from dropping out. Since these cars see some fairly hard driving, I suspect that I am correct.
However, I am open to an experts opinion on this.
Where is the proper placement for this clip on the 200 4r?
Thank you.
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definately goes on top...

...nice observation!
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2004r filters

Dear Carguyinva;
Thanks for your quick reply. I can't believe how many techs (?) put these things in the wrong way. Even the guy who did the racing trannys in our area didn't know. Since these units have been seeing hard work, it's surprising there is'nt a filter available with more pickup area.
At any rate, thanks again for the info. I used to be in the business but I broke my neck and back. BTW, the E-Mail address is my wifes. I am a male as of my last checkup.
[email protected]

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